High Volume Lead Performance
Can we guarantee success? Absolutely! We can help you generate high volume qualified leads every month! Count on Affilit Media to deliver excellent advertising strategies. Guaranteed performance-based campaigns that generate quality traffic to your web site. That translates into A Guaranteed ROI maximizing your potential revenue.


Pre-Screened Affiliates
We test and put our publishers through a strict screening process. We scrutinize and evaluate each site prior to acceptance.


The Ace System
Ace your revenue success with Affilit Media Proprietary Campaign Optimizer. Our exclusive ACE System Technology maximizes traffic into every campaign. This fast growth opportunity is a revolutionizing online distribution system with an analytical program that directs traffic to the landing page yielding effective quantitative results.


Total Compliance and Protection
Honesty and integrity is very important to Affilit Media and we're proud to be an affiliate network that holds to ethical behavior. To ensure a continued focus on ethics and compliance, we oversee our high standards and practices. Our CAN SPAM Monitor ensures email promotions are always CAN-SPAM compliant. Compliance and reputation mean deliverability and revenue. Affilit Media uses the power of LashBack's Safe Unsubscribed technology, the email compliance authority and the first and only complete CAN-SPAM compliance monitoring and resolution service in the industry - for the CAN-SPAM Act.


Creative Development Services
For insight-driven designs, powered by leading technology, our Creative Development Services offer a full-service advertising and interactive marketing agency to help companies use all media as marketing and business tools, banners, pops, search, email, contextual and text links. We combine data, insight-driven design, leading technologies, accurate optimization and more to build strong brands that yield strong quantitative results and improve relationships with consumers and business partners. Our experienced marketing professionals help you create your own image to optimize your exposure with excellent results.


Performance-Based Marketing
Advertisers count on Affilit Media to optimize deployment based on performance with high-quality conversions and increase profit.


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